The basic tips when buying high quality String Trimmer from the market

For those individuals who want high quality String Trimmer in the market, they want to be sure that they have the tips that would enable the make that perfect decision when looking for the options that exists in the whole of the market. Here are some of the basic tips that should help you when making your decision from the whole of the market:

First, you want to consider the weight of the String Trimmer when making your decision whenever you want to make that perfect decision in the whole of the market. Whenever you do research over the internet on the weight, you should be able to make your perfect decision whenever you want to make that perfect decision when looking for the options that exists in the industry. Whenever you buy an appropriate weight, you will often be assured of getting the best deals, which you would want whenever you want that perfect decision from the market.

The power drive transmission is a factor that you want to consider when making that perfect decision whenever you want the best String Trimmer, which you would have from the market. Whenever you understand what best that fits your wants, you should be certain of having high quality whenever you want that best opportunity from the outlets. Ultimately, you will often have options that you would want from the shopping outlets.

A PowerDrive Transmission that delivers more power right from the motor to its cutting string will always enable you do a faster job when looking for the best solutions you would have from the whole of the market. Personal research over the internet will always help you make that perfect decision whenever you want the available options that you need from the market.

When buying it, you want to ensure that it has an automatic Feed Spool that ensures that it continuous work with no bumping when looking for the best options that exists in the given market. When you want deals from the market, you should be assured of these options that you must have when looking for the solutions that exists in the market.

It is important that you know the cost of the best String Trimmer when you want to make your decision even as you do look for the available options right within the whole of the industry. When you research on the cost, you will be in a position to save huge amounts of money through these best deals, which you would have from the market.

Any String Trimmer that you buy from market should easily converts from a trimmer to an edger with the quickest turn of that right shaft when you want to make your decision from the industry. When you understand these deals that want to have, it is important that you want even when trying to have these remarkable deals you would need to make the best from the market.

In the end, these tips should act as a guide when buying your String Trimmer from the market.

Fiskars 18 Inch Staysharp Reel Mower Review

The growing environmental concerns have increased the sales of push lawn mowers as more and more people are buying them for a little exercise and zero carbon emission in their gardens. The major change has pushed the brands to innovate and bring more efficient products which are more efficient and comfortable to use. The Fiskars 18 Inch Staysharp Max Reel Mower is one such innovative product.

Features and Specification

When you place Fiskar Staysharp mower along with a traditional push mower you will find a big difference between the two. Staysharp is not only different in structure it offers some great features.

• Cutting Width: The wide cutting span of 18 inches reduces the number of passes one needs to make to clear the same area. A good number of mowers offer 14 inches width, Staysharp having 18 inch makes it 25% more efficient.
• Cutting Blade: The stay sharp cutting system ensures that the blade does not get hits from ground objects giving it more life.
• Height Adjustment: The quick snap height adjuster makes it very easy to adjust the distance between the ground and the blade. The adjuster offers 9 height levels in a range of 1 to 3 inches. The quick snap adjuster is very effective when one needs to mow in an uneven terrain.
• Heavy Duty: The mower is designed to last. It has a durable body with a high quality blade with superior placement that reduces damage to the blade.
• Ground Clearance: The mower offers a high ground clearance upto 4 inches and one can adjust it to any height between 1 to 4 inches.


• Inertia Drive: The inertia drive technology reduces the effort to push the mower by 60%. It is an amazing effortless mowing experience.
• Quick Assembly: The mower is easy to assemble and there are video tutorials available online which will help you in assembling the mower in a few minutes.
• Tool Free Height Adjustment: One of the best features of the mower is the easy height adjuster. You do not need professional tools to adjust the height of the mower.
• Great Balance: The inset wheel design makes it very easy to push the mower offering a better stability and closer cut.
• Versa Cut Technology: You can easily choose the perfect cutting gap between 1 to 4 inches using versa cut technology.
• Three Year Warranty: The mower comes with a 3 years warranty for complete peace of mind.
• Easy To Store: The compact mower can be stored at any place with great ease. In order to further enhance the ease of storage you can remove the handle from the body.


• Plastic Components: There are a few plastic components in the mower that makes it look a little fragile than most other mowers.
• No Mulching or Basket: The absence of both collection basket and mulching features make it very difficult to collect the grass or to leave it on the ground.

Final Verdict

Fiskars is a great brand with a great reputation in garden tools and equipment, one should look into this model before making a buying decision. The model offers 60% less effort to push the mower, on a hot sunny day – it makes a big difference.


Fiskars Staysharp offers unmatched stability and user comfort. The mower is very easy to use and maintain. It will take a decade for you to take the mower for repair if you keep it well-oiled and greased. You will realise that you made a smart decision when you push the mower on a hot day, it glides through tall grass with great ease.

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